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Kit composed of:

1 Anti-hair loss shampoo mousse

1 Regrowth and anti-hair loss lotion

NOURISH RADIANCE HAIR SPRAY will give you the opportunity to detangle your hair in an instant, without rinsing.

  1. Shake the product before use.
  2. Spray it 7-10 times on damp hair, from mid-length to the ends, remaining at a distance of approximately 30-40 cm from the head to distribute the product evenly
  3. Brush your hair as normal without rinsing it and move on to drying.

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One product... a thousand benefits

Does your hair appear dull and do the strands rebel every time you try to comb them?

The solution is our sensational LeaveIn , your best ally in leave-in spray format, to always carry with you to give life to your hair. Its formula enriched with functional substances of plant origin strengthen and restructure the hair fiber from the first application. your hair will be healthy, strong, full-bodied, shiny and silky!

just a few seconds are enough


Save time and regenerate your hair instantly ! Our leave-in replaces pre-shampoo compresses, giving your hair the care it needs in just a few seconds. Discover the secret to regenerated and shiny hair, nourished and luminous without the effort of traditional treatments.


Sodium Hyaluronate Gel

deep hydration

Thanks to the sodium hyaluronate gel, the hair receives hydration and at the same time is protected from external factors thanks to a filming layer that is created on the stem.

Glycolic acid

facilitates styling

The latest studies have shown that the small size of the glycolic acid molecule allows it to overcome the cuticular layer of the hair shaft and bind to the keratin , making the hair easier to treat , facilitating styling and improving its I wait.

Mullein flower extract

gives shine to your hair

A yellow flower from the Mediterranean area, Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus), has been studied for its luminescent properties and, using enzymatic bioliquefaction technology, it has been possible to extract the entire phytocomplex of the flower without compromising its ability to convert the UV rays into visible light, therefore it is able to protect the hair shaft from potentially harmful UV radiation by transforming it into a light source that radiates directly from the hair, giving it a brighter, healthier and naturally radiant appearance.

silk proteins

silky hair

Silk proteins are a mixture of hydrolyzed proteins derived from silk that improve the manageability of the hair, the definition of curls and give softness and shine to the hair.

Keratin - collagen - mix of amino acids

They repair and strengthen hair

Keratin and collagen are proteins made up of long fibrous chains of sulfur amino acids, including cysteine, in which various vitamins and trace elements are interposed.

The sulfur atoms present in keratin form bonds called sulfide bridges, which guarantee the solidity of the hair. However, frequent use of dyes, aggressive shampoos, bleaches, straighteners, perms and mechanical stress can damage this structure, making hair brittle and dull.

Keratin, collagen and the mix of amino acids similar to the hair's natural keratin have a protective, volumizing and film-forming action. They help restore and protect the structure of the hair, keeping it healthy and vigorous.