Protocol for the use of TRILIFE REVITA and EXFOLIO hair loss products.

1.Mandelic Acid Scalp Exfoliating Peeling:
-Before shampooing, apply mandelic acid peeling to the entire scalp;
-Carry out a light massage with circular movements to distribute the product evenly over the entire head;
-Leave on for a few minutes;
-Wash off the product by shampooing.

2. Anti-hair loss shampoo with revitalizing and exfoliating action:
- Wet your hair abundantly;
- Apply a small amount of anti-hair loss shampoo to the scalp,
- Gently massage with circular movements to stimulate circulation;
- Leave on for a few minutes to allow the exfoliating active ingredients to act;
- During the application time, continue the massage to promote circulation;
- Rinse completely with warm water;
- Dry your hair gently.

ATTENTION: Trilife Revita shampoo is a highly technical product, rich in functional substances and intended for those with little hair, fragile hair or severe localized thinning. It is not recommended for those who have a slight sporadic hair loss for which it may not perform well.

3. Anti-hair loss lotion:
- After using shampoo, dry your hair lightly with a towel;
- Apply 3 ml of anti-hair loss lotion to the affected area of ​​the scalp.
- Distribute evenly with your fingers;
- Carry out a delicate and circular massage to facilitate the absorption of the lotion;
- Leave to act without rinsing;
- Repeat the application of the lotion twice a day, preferably morning and evening.

Important Notes:
- The use of shampoo with exfoliating action is recommended before the lotion to maximize the absorption of the active ingredients;
- When applying the lotion, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes;
- Maintain a constant daily routine to achieve optimal results;
- If you experience irritation or adverse reactions, discontinue use and consult a health professional. It is specified that as per the efficacy tests no subject subjected to testing reported any side effects.

By carefully following this protocol, you will be able to enjoy the combined benefits of the exfoliating shampoo and anti-hair loss lotion, promoting optimal hair regrowth and preventing hair loss.