General conditions of sale

The offer and sale of products on our Ecommerce are governed by these general conditions (hereinafter " General Conditions "), which govern the relationship between Trilife with registered office in via Alessio Simmaco Mazzocchi, 79, Santa Maria Capua Vetere - 81055 (CE) with certified email address ....., VAT number 02901760617, in the person of the owner of the company, e-mail info@trilifestore. com (hereinafter “ Trilife ”) and the Customer.


The terms and expressions listed below have the meanings specified below; it is understood that terms defined in the singular are also considered defined in the plural and vice versa:

Consumer : any natural person who operates on E-commerce for purposes not related to any entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal or professional activity, aged 18 (eighteen) years or older.
Customer : any Consumer who purchases one or more Products through E-commerce, in accordance with the General Conditions.
E-commerce : indicates the virtual shop available at the URL <> through which it is possible to purchase the Products.
Parties : means Trilife and the Customer jointly.
Products : means the items offered in E-commerce for sale.
Personal Area : indicates that part of the E-commerce, for the exclusive use of the Customer, through which the Customer can have access to specific functions provided by Trilife, subject to authentication.

Website : means the following website: <>


The General Conditions regulate the online sale of the Products by Trilife to the Customer.
The essential characteristics of the Products are illustrated in each product sheet provided in the E-commerce.
The images and colors of the Products reproduce the actual characteristics of the Products as faithfully as possible. In any case, the images are shown for illustrative purposes only and may not completely correspond to reality, also for technical reasons. Consequently, Trilife cannot be held responsible for any inadequacy of the images of the Products shown in the Ecommerce, if due to the aforementioned technical reasons. Trilife will do everything reasonably possible to ensure that Product reviews posted by users on the Website are actually Consumers who have purchased and/or used the Products. The reviews published on the Website may not be fully verified and/or correspond completely to reality, including for technical reasons.
Skin First offers the sale of its Products and carries out its online sales activity exclusively to Customers who are Consumers.
If the Customer is not a Consumer, he is invited to refrain from making any purchases through E-commerce.
In accordance with its commercial policy, Trilife reserves the right not to process any order not coming from a Consumer or, in any case, orders that do not comply with its commercial policy, at its sole discretion.
Information on the range of Products sold via E-commerce is available, with the Product references, on the Website. In any case, Trilife reserves the right not to accept orders that appear unusual in relation to the quantity of Products purchased or to the frequency of purchases.
The Customer is expressly prohibited from reselling, renting, renting or transferring the Products purchased in the E-commerce for any reason and for any commercial and/or professional purpose.


3.1 Registration : to purchase the Products supplied by the E-commerce it is possible to proceed after registration or as a guest user. To register, the Customer must carefully complete and send the appropriate form using the tools made available from time to time, indicating their personal data in the appropriate fields. The Customer ensures that the information and personal data provided during the registration procedure and at a subsequent stage are complete and truthful.

Registration will only be effective when the Customer receives the confirmation email and opens the link contained therein. At the end of this procedure, a Personal Area will be created for the Customer, who will be able to see their purchases, check their wish list and modify their credentials. The registration credentials, as well as access to the Personal Area, will be used exclusively by the Customer and will never be transferred to third parties. The Customer undertakes to keep them confidential and to ensure that no one can have access to them, also adopting all appropriate security measures in order to minimize the risk of any unauthorized, prohibited and unsuitable access to the Personal Area, promptly reporting to Trilife whenever you suspect improper use or unauthorized or prohibited access to the Personal Area.

3.2 Conclusion of the purchase : after registration, it will be possible to begin the purchase procedure. Before proceeding, the Customer must read the General Conditions, with particular attention to the withdrawal clauses, as well as print a paper copy and save a copy on a permanent storage device that allows the Customer to keep the information relating to him, to access it in future for an appropriate period of time and to reproduce the stored data identically.
To purchase the Products on the E-commerce site, the Customer must complete the electronic order form and send it to Trilife, electronically, following the instructions provided in the E-commerce site.
Before sending the order form, the Customer must detect and correct any errors in filling in the data, verifying the chosen Product. In the event that the data does not comply, it is possible to modify it by clicking on the "modify data" button. In any case, in order to better protect the Customer, Trilife will send him a receipt of the purchase order via email with a summary of the information contained in the order form . The Customer must verify the delivery of the documentation, checking, if necessary, his/her junk email inbox.
The Customer must also verify the final price before sending the relevant order form, it being understood that the price applied to the Product will be the one displayed on the Website at the time of the order by the Customer.
The contract for the purchase of the selected Product(s), with full application and effectiveness of the General Conditions, will be considered concluded when Trilife receives payment from the Customer, following duly electronic transmission of the order form compiled.
By sending the order form and paying the amount due, the Customer confirms that he has understood the General Conditions, as well as any further information provided in the E-commerce.
Upon conclusion of the purchase pursuant to the General Conditions, Trilife will take charge of the purchase order.
The languages ​​available for the stipulation of the General Conditions are: Italian.
Occasionally there may be inconveniences related to the availability of some Products. In such circumstances, Trilife will promptly inform the Customer via email and offer him the possibility to choose between purchasing an item of the same nature as the one no longer available or canceling the order. If the Customer chooses to cancel the order, he will be promptly refunded.


For each Product included in the E-commerce, Trilife indicates whether:

  1. it is available in its warehouse;
  2. it is not available in your warehouse;
  3. is available upon request.

Trilife expressly reserves the right not to indicate the availability of the Products included in the E-commerce. The type and availability of the Products may change at any time without any liability of Trilife towards the Customer.
The indication of the availability of the Products is not binding, it being understood that the Products indicated as "not available" cannot be ordered by the Customer.
Trilife cannot execute purchase orders that include incomplete or untrue data, or in the event of Product not being available.
In the event that the Products displayed in the E-commerce are no longer available or are not for sale at the time the order form is sent and Trilife cannot, consequently, process the purchase order, Trilife will inform the Customer via email and will refund the amount already paid.


Each Product sold through E-commerce is subject to the legal guarantee, provided directly by Trilife, according to applicable law.
The guarantee must be asserted directly by the Customer within 2 (two) months of discovering the defect, by sending a registered letter to Trilife, to the address indicated above, explaining the defect found. To this end, the Customer is required to keep the purchase receipt.
Unless proven otherwise, it is presumed that the lack of conformity which appears within 6 (six) months of delivery of the Product was already present at that time, unless this is compatible with the type of product or the type of defect.
After notification of the lack of conformity, Trilife reserves the right to propose appropriate remedies to the Customer.
In the event of a lack of conformity, the Customer still has the right to have the Product restored to conformity, without charge, through repair or replacement, or to an adequate price reduction or termination of the General Conditions.
The Customer may ask Trilife, at its discretion, to repair or replace the Product, free of charge in both cases, unless the requested remedy is objectively impossible or excessively expensive compared to the other.
A small lack of conformity for which it was not possible, or would have been excessively burdensome, to repair or replace does not give the right, in any case, to the termination of the purchase contract pursuant to the General Conditions.


After-sales assistance is provided directly by Trilife, which can be contacted for any questions at:

Trilife reserves the right to provide after-sales support through authorized service providers listed on the Website or communicated in response to Customer's request for support.


The prices of the Products and the related transport costs may be subject to updates and include VAT.
By way of example, the price includes VAT if the Products are shipped and delivered within the European Union. If the Products are shipped and delivered outside the European Union, the price does not include VAT.
The prices of the Products, including charges, taxes and duties, are listed in the Product sheet. Shipping costs are specified in the order form.
Transport costs, included in the total amount displayed, are charged to the Customer in a flat rate which varies based on the courier selected and the country indicated for shipping.
The prices indicated in the product sheet are valid until the end of the purchase procedure.
If the price of a Product is on sale and the discount percentage and/or the original price are displayed, this information will refer to the price normally applied on the Ecommerce. 
Any taxes, duties, customs duties and other charges established by the law of the country in which the Products will be delivered will be fully borne by the Customer and will be paid by them upon delivery of the Products, directly to the competent tax or customs authorities or to the courier who made the delivery.


The Customer will be able to pay the amount due through the payment instruments indicated in the E-commerce, including credit card, debit card, PayPal, Satispay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Klarna, prepaid cards. Credit cards from the following circuits are accepted: VISA, MasterCard.
Skin First reserves the right to modify or implement the payment instruments available to the Customer, it being understood that the payment instruments available will be those listed on the E-commerce at the time the order is sent by the Customer.
If a credit card is used, the price will be charged to the Customer once the credit card details have been verified and the debit authorization has been received from the company issuing the credit card used by the Customer.
The credit card details sent during the order process are protected and are transmitted directly to the bank that handles the payment. Payment takes place directly on a secure server, with an SSL encryption key, to guarantee the absolute security of the transaction.
In case of payment with PayPal/Satispay/Klarna, upon transmission of the order by the Customer, the web session will be transferred to the secure PayPal/Satispay/Klarna site. On this site the Customer will be able to complete the payment of the price due using their PayPal/Satispay/Klarna account and according to the terms and conditions of the PayPal/Satispay/Klarna service, signed at that time or previously. The price will be debited to the PayPal/Satispay/Klarna account at the same time as the order confirmation is sent. The price of the Products cannot vary under any circumstances based on the payment instrument chosen.

9. SHIPPING AND DELIVERY OF THE PRODUCTS Trilife is not obliged to ship the Products until it receives payment of the price; after receiving payment, Trilife undertakes to ship the Products within 5 (five) working days.
The delivery terms specified here are to be considered non-mandatory, non-essential but only formal. Trilife cannot in any case be held responsible for failure to comply with the terms.
Trilife guarantees the shipment of the Products, via express couriers, selected from time to time based on the Product purchased and the destination, to the delivery address provided by the Customer during the transmission of the order.
The Customer can check the status of the orders through the online "Track your order" function made available by the courier responsible for delivery and available in the Personal Area and in the shipping confirmation email. The Customer will be able to carry out this verification only after the shipment of the Products.
The Customer must verify, at the time of delivery, that the packaging and/or packaging of the Products are intact, not damaged, not wet or otherwise altered, including the closing materials.
The Customer is required to immediately detect any damage to the packaging or packaging of the Products, placing a control reserve note on the courier's delivery receipt, as well as informing Trilife by registered letter or equivalent technology. Otherwise, and in particular if the courier's delivery receipt is signed without any dispute, the Customer will no longer be able to make any complaints relating to the external characteristics of what was delivered.


If, for reasons not attributable to Trilife, it is not possible to deliver the Products in the ways and times indicated, Trilife will inform the Customer, indicating, where possible, new times and methods. The Customer, with the conclusion of the purchase contract, accepts the possibility of such delays. If the delay in delivery is more than 90 (ninety) days from the expected date, the Customer will have the right to terminate the purchase contract.


The Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract pursuant to the General Conditions without providing any reason and without any penalty within 14 (fourteen) days , starting from the day on which he himself or a third party, other than the appointed carrier, obtains the physical possession of the Product. The date indicated on the delivery receipt will prevail.
The right of withdrawal must be exercised by the Customer by sending Trilife a communication containing the express declaration of wanting to assert the right of withdrawal from the purchase contract, as well as the relevant order number that you intend to withdraw from. To assert the right of withdrawal, the Customer can choose between the following methods:
  • send an email to:
  • use the appropriate "return form" available at the following URL: ( click here )
  • send a registered letter with return receipt to the address:

Via Alessio Simmaco Mazzocchi, 79
81055 - Santa Maria Capua Vetere (CE).

For the purposes of contesting the above terms, it is sufficient for the Customer to send the communication relating to the right of withdrawal within the withdrawal period.

The following information must be included in the communication:

- Name and surname of the customer;
- Customer address;
- Order number and purchase date;
- Item description, quantity, reason for the return and related amount paid.

In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the Customer must return the Products to Trilife without delay and, in any case , within 14 (fourteen) working days from notification of withdrawal. The deadline is respected if the Customer sends the Products within 14 (fourteen) days of the notice of withdrawal.
Once the communication has been received, Trilife will communicate via e-mail to the customer the methods for shipping the products which must take place no later than 14 working days from the date on which the customer expressly exercised the right of withdrawal.
If the Customer withdraws from the purchase contract pursuant to the General Conditions, all costs already paid to Trilife will be refunded, including delivery costs (with the exception of the additional cost due to a particular type of delivery requested by the Customer, and different from cheaper standard delivery offered by Trilife), without any delay and in any case within 14 (fourteen) days from the day on which Trilife was informed of the withdrawal decision. Such refunds will be made via the same payment instrument chosen for the first transaction, unless the Customer has expressly requested a different payment instrument; in any case the Customer will not have to bear any costs as a consequence of the reimbursement.
The refund may be interrupted by Trilife until the Products are delivered or until the Customer has provided proof of shipment.
The Product must be returned intact, in the usual state of wear and tear. If the Customer exercises the right of withdrawal from the General Conditions in a manner that does not comply with the conditions required by this section, he will not be entitled to any refund.
Please note that the shipping costs relating to the return of the goods are borne by the customer as required by article 57, paragraph 1, of the Consumer Code.
The consumer customer will not be able to exercise the right of withdrawal in case of purchase of Digital Gift Cards (or Gift Vouchers), consequently the amount spent for the purchase of this type of product will not be refunded.


In order to ensure that Customer's credit, debit or charge card is not used without Customer's consent, Trilife will validate the name, address and other personal information provided during the order process with third party databases appropriate, in accordance with Trilife's privacy policy. In carrying out such checks, personal information provided by the Customer may be disclosed to a registered credit reference agency, which may keep a record of that information. This is only done to confirm the Customer's identity, a credit check is not carried out and the Customer's credit rating will not be affected.
If an order placed by the Customer is considered fraudulent or in any case made in violation of the General Conditions, the sale will be immediately canceled and, in the event that any sums have already been charged to the Customer, they will be refunded within 14 (fourteen) working days of the relevant communication .


Trilife sells the Products in compliance with current regulations.
It is understood that the purchase of the Products is reserved exclusively for consenting Consumers who are duly informed about the potentially allergenic properties of the Products sold and the ingredients contained therein.
The Customer must follow the instructions for the correct storage of the Products shown on the labels of the Products themselves. In particular, the Customer must store the Products in a cool, dry environment, away from heat sources or excessive exposure to light. The Customer is aware of the possible flammability of some Products.
The Customer is also responsible for checking the list of ingredients of the Products, which may contain potential allergens.
The Customer must observe the particular precautions provided for by the labeling for correct use of the Products, in particular avoiding excessive use of the same.
The Customer must pay attention to the minimum or expiry date indicated on the labeling and/or packaging of the Products. It is understood that the Products may lose their original characteristics once the period indicated on the Product labeling has elapsed.
If any undesirable effects occur during the use of the Products, the Customer is recommended to immediately discontinue use and consult a doctor.
It is recommended to store the Products out of the reach of minors and/or pets.


The General Conditions and each purchase contract concluded between the Parties are governed by Italian Law, without prejudice to any other mandatory law prevailing in the Customer's country of residence.
In the event of a dispute arising from the interpretation and/or application of the General Conditions, the Consumer Court will be competent, i.e. the judge of the Customer's place of residence or domicile, if located in Italian territory.


Alternative dispute resolution is a process where an independent body examines the facts of a dispute and attempts to resolve it, without the Customer having to go to court. If the Customer is not satisfied with the way in which Trilife has handled a complaint, he or she can submit a complaint for online resolution to the European Commission's online dispute resolution platform.


For any complaint, you can contact Trilife directly, using the following methods:

  • by completing and sending the form available at the following URL:;
  • via email to the following address:


The Customer must read the privacy information provided on the E-commerce in the Privacy Policy area .


Customers can contact Trilife directly by writing to: or through E-commerce by filling out the form available on the page: